L’ education: Nuts & Bolts Workshop 2011

I have been dying to blog the images from the last workshop for months now but being a perfectionist I wanted to have the new blog active first.  The workshop was held in July and at that time I was more than half way through the design process of the blog which heavily influence the direction of the workshop shoot. So it’s fitting that I would wait for the blog launch to post these photos because they really do go so well with the new look!

This year has been crazy, with so many twists and turns but one of the things I have loved and enjoyed is working with my dear friend Victoria in organising another workshop.  Victoria and I joke that we share a brain, we both like the same things and will often send each other links to things that we’ve both bookmarked.  We even share celebrity boyfriends (not that I want to share George Cloony or Hugh Grant with anyone)  ha ha.  While I’m good at the photography Victoria is utterly brilliant at the marketing and branding.  Together we compliment each other very well.

Last year we had a blast coming up with a totally unique and visually stunning concept shoot for our first workshop, it was a lot of fun and we were thrilled with the results.  But we know that it’s not always possible for other photographers or for couples to come up with something so ambitious as a styled boat shoot!  With that in mind we decided that for this workshop we would work with what we had access to.  The items in our own homes would be enough but we would make them even better by using them beautifully.  Thankfully we both love French Country and Vintage styles and our homes are decorated similarly so between us we had more than enough props to use.  Location wise we decided to use the bush at my home for our shoot which just happened to be in bloom with different varieties of Wattle.  Thus our concept was born!  Very Australian and very vintage – Romance de Wattle.

Our good friend Sally Thompson from Blushing Blooms assisted with the floral styling, her bouquets are always to die for and I love working with her.  The too-good-to-eat cupcakes were made by Caroline at Design My Cupcake, I’ve never seen anything like them before.  They were simply amazing. I love working with local artists and suppliers and forming friendships with like minded individuals, it’s always a pleasure working with people like Sally and Caroline.

Our lovely couple Emma and James couldn’t have been better models for us.  Not only were they incredibly comfortable being in front of the camera, they were super sweet and so much fun to be around.  Thanks Emma and James!

Lastly, our workshop attendees this year blew me away with their business savvy and their amazing skills.  Most of the girls were only new to photography but they already had great websites and branding, they impressed me so much!  With such a good start and a willingness to grow and learn I know they will rock the photography world.

Here are a some of my favourite images from the day.  Enjoy!

posted by Cathy