Voyages: Burano Island Italy

I am a little overdue in posting our Europe photos, I really meant to do one city a month so I am going to make up for that today with a big post from the beautiful island of Burano in Italy.  Put on your sunglasses, this post includes lots of resplendent imagery.

We spent half a day walking around Burano.  I wasn’t sure what to expect on this colourful island. I had friends who said if I was visiting Venice I simply had to visit Burano, and who am I to argue with good advice?  Not me, and am I glad I didn’t!

This beautiful little island was vastly different to Venice.  It did of course have the canals for the locals to navigate their boats to their homes, but the similarities ended there. The houses on Burano are all brightly painted in an amazing rainbow like fashion.  It is a kaleidoscope of colour and reminds me of one of my favourite lollies – Liquorice Allsorts! Every home had eclectic timber shutters, many of which had beautiful flower boxes filled with geraniums or petunias.  I could do an entire blog post just of window boxes, but I might leave that for another project. He he he.

Burano is actually four islands joined by canals and bridges and is well known for it’s lace which has been exported throughout Europe since the 16th century. It was settled by the Romans in the 6th century so the history on Burano is amazing.  The home owners must keep the colours on their homes the same as they have been for centuries which is a great way to keep the island looking consistantly the same for future generations to enjoy.

We really enjoyed our time in this part of the world. For me it was a photographers dream, I  could have spent a few days photographing the window boxes, the rustic paint work and the beautiful boats. I really enjoyed capturing some portraits of Benjamin on the island, they are some of my favourite images of him from our trip and the spreads I’ve created for our Europe Album look amazing with them included! I would dearly love to go back to Burano some day, it makes my heart smile.

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2 comments on “Voyages: Burano Island Italy

  1. Kylie Daunt

    Oh my gosh, how beautiful are these photos! Your son looks super cute in his little hat, what a sweet little man you have. Italy looks amazing, I can’t wait to go some day.

  2. Katie from Matt and Katie Photographers :)

    Beautiful images! Makes me want to go back soooo bad! What an amazing place hey?! :)