L’Amour: Sabina and Ken’s Wedding at Milton Park

When I met Sabina and Ken I was immediately struck by how genuine and sincere they were.  Ok, if I was being honest the first thing I noticed was how tall they were, but the second thing was how lovely and kind they are.  Over the last two years I have become very selective about the weddings I want to capture.  My style has become very defined.  One of the most important factors to me is that I connect with my clients, I need to feel that they would be friends had we met at work or at a social gathering.  Since realising this is a very important element to the success of my weddings I have grown to enjoy my work much more.  I shoot less weddings, but I love the people I work with. So when Sabina and Ken asked me to shoot their wedding at Milton Park in Bowral I was delighted.

Both Sabina and Ken grew up overseas and re-located to Australia leaving most of their family and friends behind.  Their wedding was a beautiful blend of cultures and traditions with wedding guests coming from Poland, Hong Kong and Australia.  The day started with a traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in the Coach House at Milton Park, followed by a traditional ceremony on the lawn.  Guests listened to a charming string quartet on the grass before, during and after the ceremony.  The atmosphere was delicious.

One thing that resonated through the entire day was love.  Sabina and Ken were so gracious and made sure that everyone who attended their wedding felt special and it was clear that every one of their family and friends in attendance adored them.

Here are a few of my favourite photos from their day.  Thank you Sabina and Ken for asking me to capture your most special day, I hope you have a truly magnificent life together.  You are both such wonderful people and I’m glad I got to meet you.

Cathy xxx

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  1. Camilla duffy

    Wow Cathy – these are stunning. You are extremely clever.

  2. natt

    woohoo! look who’s blogging weddings again!! beautiful shoot ms. cathy =)

    • CathyCrawley

      Thanks beautiful Nattnee!

  3. CathyCrawley

    Thank you Camilla! It’s easy when you have a gorgeous couple and a stunning location :)

  4. Allie Bartelski

    Love the new blog! We need to come to Australia and visit – what a gorgeous location! Great shots, as usual.

  5. Lauri

    So beautiful Cathy! I just love your work all the time. And I especially love the new blog :)

  6. sofi

    Absolutely stunning Cathy!

  7. Lauren

    So pretty! That giant hedge is to die for! :)

  8. Lanne

    It is not easy.. you just make it look effortless… BEAUTIFULLY captured Cathy..well done :)

  9. emily

    gorgeous couple, gorgeous light.

  10. Bree

    Wowzers hun, just amazing!! What a gorgeous couple and her dress is just beautiful! xox

  11. Bella Taylor

    Gorgeous Cathy, missed seeing your weddings.
    Love all the details what a stunning wedding x

  12. Kerri

    Beautiful dress, beautiful couple, beautifully shot.

  13. Thomas Beaman

    Stunning work! I love those portraits towards the bottom (both the color and the black and white)

  14. Natalie

    This wedding is absolutely GORGEOUS – Seriously a beautiful day! :) So happy I stumbled across your blog! Swoon!

  15. chad diblasio

    well i didn’t see your old blog but the new one is SUPER CUTE! :) love how it all goes with your shooting style too! bschoolers support! :)

  16. Suzanne

    I LOVE these images! You truly captured the love here, and your post title was perfect, lol. Gotta admit I got a little misty eyed and I don’t even know them. Ahhh… makes me want to get married to my husband all over again so I can have some of those beautiful moments captured forever in a photo. Our photographer sucked. :(

  17. Annetta

    What a wonderful job you have done. Love your photos and style. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Had to come and check yours out. I’m impressed.

  18. Adriana Morett

    Wow, your photos are gorgeous!! My favorite has to be the last one, the expression in the bride’s face is priceless!! You’ve got yourself a new blog reader :)

  19. Nick Bombich

    Wonderful wedding. Love all the photos. Looks like it was a fun day.

  20. Erin

    Wow, such a gorgeous wedding! Beautiful couple, details and location!

  21. Joy

    Your pictures are beautiful and creative.
    Beautiful wedding and couple too!

  22. Nathan Rennard

    Beautiful work Cathy! You have amazing quality in your photographs. It’s refreshing to such great work. ;)

  23. Bec {wanted imagery}

    So wonderful! Beautiful light, and that dress!
    My fave image I think is her walking away besides the hedge. So beautiful. x

  24. Meagan

    Absolutely beautiful work. All of it. :)

  25. Christy

    Gorgeous work Cathy!!! Love the way you see light! :)

  26. Rhommel Photography

    I love your work!! I became an instant fan of yours!

  27. Lara Eichhorn

    Her dress is amazing, and I love how smiley they both are. That recessional shot rocks, along with the portraits. Lovely work.

  28. Zurina Bryant

    Beautiful as always Cath!

  29. Daniel Cruz

    Beautiful beautiful job Cathy! Every shot is just timeless. Wonderful job shooting the details as well.

  30. Yuliya M.

    Just lovely, especially those backlit portraits! Her dress is so unique! Love it.